In order to meet the customers expectations, BOTA TECHNIK has developed the infrastructure and facilities to provide top quality overhaul of bow thruster and other propulsors. The area of the modern THRUSTER BLADE REGENERATION CENTER

is 1248m2, which includes:

THRUSTER BLADE REGENERATION CENTER is additionally equipped with a lifting system:

The above-mentioned attributes allow us to face and meet the most demanding challenges posed by our clients


We have many years of experience in the inspection and overhaul of thrusters of all leading manufacturers, such as:

We can also perform a general overhaul in our modern THRUSTER BLADE REGENERATION CENTER in Gdansk.

The BOTA TECHNIK team removes the thruster from the vessel (in any port or shipyard), which is then transported to the THRUSTER BLADE REGENERATION CENTER where the necessary repair works are performed. After the overhaul is completed, the thruster is reassembled on the vessel wherever he is.

Standard technological process for overhaul of the thrusters in THRUSTER BLADE REGENERATION CENTER:

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Test bench :  

We enjoy the trust by a group of many shipowners for whom we conduct this type of operation in any location (disassembly and assembly on the vessel). In addition, we conduct thruster repairs for our clients, which will later be secured, stored and waiting for “their time” as spare unit.

In order to provide a comprehensive repair services we have built a test bench to verify the correct operation of thrusters. Designed and built by Bota Technik test bench is one of the few devices of this type in the World. Adequate rigidity is ensured thanks to 11 tons steel construction which is permanently mounted on a specially designed foundation. The test bench has its own power hydraulics, automation and diagnostics systems. This infrastructure allows us to carry out tests of transverse thrusters FPP and CPP type as well as other types of thrusters that are flange mounted.

Our test bench enables adjustable speed operation of the thruster and it gives an opportunity to measure key parameters such as temperature and pressure of lubricating oil and high pressure oil for pitch control, CPP pitch change time and vibration levels. Applied cameras right next to the rotating propeller let us closely observe the device under testing. Rated speed thruster operation in conditions which are similar to those on board is the best way to check gear mesh alignment.

Test bench key parameters:

Tested diameters 0,5-2,5 m
Input power
55 kW
Rotational speed
0-3500 obr/min
Maximum oil pressure for pitch control
120 bar
Maximum oil flow for pitch control
42 l/min
Maximum oil flow for lubrication
150 l/min

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