Stern tube seal service

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Bota Technik has many years of experience in the service of shaft seals. We provide developed solutions to meet your needs. Our support for a safe, secure cruise, a cleaner environment and a significant reduction in prices.

We are an authorized representative of the KEMEL company, a leading manufacturer of required seals.




  • sealing system (stern tube seal system),
  • shaft line sheath bearings (stern tube bearings),
  • Intermediate shaft bearings.
  • Repair of shaft seals of the shaft during classic browsing (Overhaul of shaft seals during class review):



  • Air Sealing System (Non-Pollution) AX,
  • Compact seal CX/ Compact seal (Double security)DX (compact seal).



  • Water seal EVK ( water lubricated seal).
  • Supervision over replacement of stern tube bearings (lubricated by water and oil).
  • Conversion to KEMEL Air Seal system:

Air Seal (AX) is the most popular choice for network devices. VGP regulations are mandatory for shipping companies to retrofit their system with Air Seal (AX). Selected Air Seal (AX), you can still sail in US waters using mineral oils instead of expensive Bio-oil. By using our seal (AX), you have a solution that ensures zero oil emissions. The AX type Air Seal has a simplified structure. Air, supplied from the air source within the vessel, passes through #2/3 chamber and is spouted into the sea water.





  • air seals (AX type from 140 mm to 1180 mm),
  • compact seals (CX / DX type from 125mm to 1180mm),
  • seals lubricated by water (EVK type from 110mm to 490mm),




  • bearings lubricated by water (EVR type from 40mm to 550mm),
  • bearings lubricated by oil (from 100mm to 1000mm),
  • ISB (type KMF / KMS from 190mm to 800mm).

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  • Service available 24/7,
  • Active support during the planning process,
  • Control of maintenance and usage history,
  • Preparation of work with the client,
  • Excellent availability of experienced service engineers,
  • Renovation service around the world,
  • After-sales counseling.



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