Shafting overhauls

  • SK type couplings,
  • disassembly and assembly of shaft lines,
  • seals changing,
  • KEMEL seals bonding without propeller dismantling,
  • tail shaft bearing removal from stern tube,
  • remetalling of damaged bearings,
  • intermediate shaft bearings,
  • rubber couplings,
  • lubricating oil diagnostic,
  • shafting alignment calculation,
  • technical advise and suport.


  • disassembly and assembly of propellers,
  • CPP hubs maintenance,
  • hubs elements regeneration,
  • seals changing and hub repairs by welding,
  • overhaul of OD-box,
  • static balancing.

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Seals renewal

  • propeller shaft seals,
  • pinion seals,
  • blade and hub seals.

Gear wheel wear and clearance

  • axial and radial clearance checking,
  • estimate of teeth contact,
  • estimate of teeth condition.

Major overhaul

  • Bearing and seals changing,performance of necessary measurements,
  • Axial and radial shaft clearance set up.

Propeller blade repair (welding, balancing)

Lubricating oil diagnostic

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Gear Boxes

  • complete overhauls,
  • shaft dismantling,
  • bearings replacement,
  • checking of holes alignment,
  • vibration diagnostics by means of trend analysis,
  • diagnostic of lubricating and hydraulic oils,
  • technical advice and support.


  • teeth contact estiamtion,
  • estimation of teeth condition.

Slide bearings

  • Measurements of clearances,
  • Remetalling of damaged bearings.


  • Verification of cluches,
  • Waer estimation of moving parts,
  • Hydraulic valves adjustement.

Since 2014, we have been offering propeller, hub and blades refurbishment services. We rebuild copper alloy (CU3 bronze) propellers by weld overlay, welding, straightening and machining.

We hold the following DNV certificates and licenses:

  • License to weld coloured materials
    • 131 and 141 method,
  • International engineer certificate and welding inspector certificate,
  • License to carry out nondestructive testing, i.e.
    • PT – penetrant testing,
    • MT – magnetic particle testing,
    • UT – ultrasonic testing.

We offer propeller repair technology prepared in accordance with the classification societies (DNV) and adequate repair aimed at restoring the nominal shape and strength of the propeller blade. Besides, we perform machining of the blade sealing surface.

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