HamiltonJet is well known manufacturer of waterjet propulsion systems from New Zeland.

Today, waterjets are the preferred propulsion choice where high efficiency, outstanding manoeuvrability, shallow draft capability and low maintenance are key requirements.


  • HJ series – models from 200mm to 400mm of rotor diameter (used in vessels from 6m to 20m),
  • HM series – models from 420mm do 810mm of rotor diameter (used in vessels from 18m to 60m),
  • HT series – models above 810mm of rotor diameter (used in bigger vessels).

Exploring the best fit for your vessel’s propulsion? HamiltonJet waterjet propulsion systems offer efficiency and superior maneuverability. At BOTA TECHNIK, we specialize in these systems, ensuring optimal performance for your marine needs. Whether for work or leisure, discover how these systems can transform your maritime experience.

What Are Waterjet Propulsion Systems?

Waterjet propulsion systems are a modern solution for powering a variety of vessels, delivering high performance while minimizing maintenance requirements. Originating from New Zealand, HamiltonJet has been pioneering these systems, focusing on their ability to maneuver easily in shallow waters without the risk associated with traditional propellers. This technology allows boats to operate close to shorelines or in areas where underwater hazards are a concern, making it an excellent choice for rescue boats, ferries, and recreational vessels alike.

In these systems, water is sucked in through an intake and expelled at high speed through a nozzle at the stern of the vessel. This action propels the boat forward. Unlike propeller-driven systems, waterjets do not have exposed components, reducing the risk of damage and enhancing safety for aquatic life. The simplicity of their design translates into fewer mechanical failures, which is a significant advantage for operators seeking dependable and durable solutions for marine navigation.

Benefits of Using Marine Waterjet Systems

Opting for a marine waterjet propulsion system brings several operational advantages. Firstly, these systems provide superb control and quick response times, making them ideal for applications that require precise maneuvering. Additionally, the absence of a propeller reduces draft significantly, allowing vessels to operate in shallower waters than would otherwise be possible. This is particularly beneficial for activities such as coastal exploration or operations in environments where depth varies dramatically.

Another advantage is the reduced environmental impact, as waterjets do not disturb the seabed or harm marine life, which is often a concern with traditional propeller systems. HamiltonJet systems are known for their high efficiency, which results in optimized fuel consumption rates. This is particularly important in times of rising fuel prices. These systems are suitable for both commercial use and leisure activities, and they offer a reliable and eco-friendly option for modern seafaring.

Exploring HamiltonJet’s Offerings

HamiltonJet offers a range of waterjet propulsion systems suitable for different types of vessels. The HJ series, for instance, caters to smaller boats, such as those ranging from 6m to 20m in length. These models are designed with rotors ranging from 200mm to 400mm in diameter, optimized for agility and efficiency in smaller watercraft. The HM series, on the other hand, is perfect for mid-sized vessels from 18m to 60m. These models feature larger rotors, from 420mm to 810mm, providing the necessary thrust for heavier marine applications.

For even larger vessels, the HT series offers systems with rotors exceeding 810mm in diameter, suitable for substantial maritime operations that require robust propulsion capabilities. Each series is designed to meet specific operational requirements, ensuring that all vessels equipped with HamiltonJet technology can achieve optimal performance, safety, and reliability.

Expertise in Waterjet Propulsion at BOTA TECHNIK

BOTA TECHNIK is a trusted partner in the maritime industry with extensive experience in waterjet propulsion systems. Our services include installation, maintenance, and comprehensive consultations to help clients choose the right system for their specific needs. With our in-depth knowledge of the nuances of each model and its best applications, we offer tailored solutions that enhance vessel performance and operational efficiency.

Our team of specialists is dedicated to ensuring that every installation meets our high standards of quality and performance. We focus on providing systems that are both powerful and practical, minimizing downtime and maximizing vessel availability. Our customer-focused approach and expertise in HamiltonJet technology ensure the best possible outcomes, whether you are updating your existing fleet or building a new vessel from scratch.

Choosing the Right System for Your Needs

Choosing the right system is critical for your vessel’s performance and efficiency. Here’s how we help at BOTA TECHNIK:

  • Assessment: We analyze your vessel’s size, type, and usage to suggest the most suitable HamiltonJet model.
  • Options: From the HJ series for smaller crafts to the HT series for larger vessels, we offer a range of choices.
  • Customization: Each system can be tailored to meet the specific demands of your maritime activities.

Invest in a partnership with BOTA TECHNIK and HamiltonJet waterjet propulsion system for superior vessel performance and peace of mind.

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