ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT – Ballast water treatment system


ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT is an advanced modular system that was developed to exceed all the special installation requirements either for New Building vessels or especially any retrofit project. Covering an extensive capacity range from 50 to 3000m3/hr and holding USCG Type Approval, ERMA FIRST FIT is an ideal solution for all types of ships. The major components of the system are a high-end backwash filter and an electrolytic cell with outstanding performance under the most demanding conditions. The self-cleaning automatic screen filter has a nominal filtration rate of 40 microns. Its special designed screen provides with enormous zooplankton, phytoplankton and sediment removal, minimum pressure and uninterrupted, long-lasting operation at an extremely small footprint element. For the de-ballasting of the vessel there is no need to use the system; It is completely by-passed and the water can be discharged directly overboard, after neutralization where applicable, with considerable gains in energy saving for the operators/managers of the vessel. Using an active substance that is produced by the method of electrolysis, any danger for re-growth of microorganisms is eliminated.



  • Simple and Flexible
  • Suitable for all pump capacities
  • Suitable for all available spaces
  • Suitable for Fresh Water (0,9 PSU Salinity) and Low Temp. Waters (3oC)
  • Low Power Consumption in Various Waters (1,8 kW/100m3 at 30 PSU)

BWTS - system oczyszczania wód balastowych


Option 1 / Filtersafe: 40 microns self-cleaning automatic screen filter



Option 2 / Filtrex: 40 microns self-cleaning automatic screen filter




Advanced Technology Electrolysis Cell
BWTS - dezynfekcja

Short movie illustrating ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT:

For more information visit producer website: Erma First BWTS link

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