Our qualifications are recognized by the world’s leading manufacturers. In this way we are authorized partner of the following companies:

Jastram GmbH & Co.

Jastram GmbH & CoThe German manufacturer of internationally recognized maneuvering systems.jastram-g1


  • transverse thrusters (BU series from 50kW to 1650kW),
  • low noise thrusters,
  • rudder propellers (from 100kW to 380kW),
  • azimuth grid propellers (W10 – W100 series up to 900kW),
  • thruster drives and controls,
  • condition monitoring.

More info on the website: www.jastram.net

Jastram Engeneering

Jastram EngineeringCanadian manufacturer of hydraulic steering gear with remote control systems.

Jastram Engineering sets can be nested with a Becker helms.


Electric Systemsjastram-e1

  • digital control systems,
  • digital input devices,
  • analog control systems,
  • analog input devices,
  • rudder angle indicators,
  • monitor starters and alarm systems,
  • easy to use with VDR, DPS, Autopilot


Hydraulic Systemsjastram-e2

  • steering gears,
  • hydraulic power units,
  • helm pumps,
  • client needs optimized systems.


More info on the website: www.jastram.com

KEMEL Company

KemelKemel’s history dates back to 1966, when Kobelco Marine was founded. Kemel specializes in the manufacture of seals and bearings for all shaft diameters.


  • air seal (AX type from 140mm to 1180mm),kemel1
  • compact seal (CX/DX type from 125mm to 1180mm),
  • stern tube bush (from 100mm to 1000mm),
  • water-lubricated ster tube seal (EVK type from 110mm to 490mm),
  • water-lubricated ster tube bearing (EVR type from 40mm to 550mm),
  • intermediate shaft bearing (KMF/KMS type from 190mm to 800mm).


More info on the website: www.kemel.com

VULKAN Couplings

VulkanThe renowned German company, a recognized worldwide manufacturer of couplings, composite tubes and cardan shafts.vulkan1


  • highly flexible couplings (RATO S, RATO R+, RATO DG, VULKARDAN G, TORFLEX, RATO S+, RATO DS,
  • cardan shaft couplings (VULKARDAN L, VULKARDAN P),
  • cluthes (MESLU up to 315kNm),
  • joint shaft couplings (METAFLEX up to 120kNm),
  • composite shafts (up to 800kNm),
  • resilient and shock mounts.

More info on the website: www.vulkan.com

Masson Marine

Masson MarineHistory of French Masson Marine is associated with the ZF company, which was a part of. Manufacturer, for nearly 100 years, produces marine transmissions systems, propellers, CPP and azimuth thrusters.masson1


  • reversing gearboxes (MMW series up to 3700kW),
  • non reversing gearboxes (MMW NR series up to 3700kW),
  • PTI/PTO,
  • CPP (MMS an MMI series up to 8400kW),
  • FPP
  • azimuth thrusters (MML series up to 300kW).

More info on the website: www.masson-marine.com


Hamilton JetHamiltonJet is well known manufacturer from New Zeland of waterjet propulsion systems.


Today, waterjets are the preferred propulsion choice where high efficiency, outstanding manoeuvrability, shallow draft capability and low maintenance are key requirements.


  • HJ series – models from 200mm to 400mm of rotor diameter (used in vessels from 6m to 20m),
  • HM series – models from 420mm do 810mm of rotor diameter (used in vessels from 18m to 60m),
  • HT series – models above 810mm of rotor diameter (used in bigger vessels).


More info on the website: www.hamiltonjet.com

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