At Bota Technik we strive to provide customers from around the globe with expert service that is fast, agile, straightforward, and helps minimise costs and downtime.

We support our customers with mobile teams of Bota Technik maintenance technicians and engineers for quick response on site.

No matter where your machine is, Bota Technik will be there to help.  Our service staff can provide assistance in any environment. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment, and our certified technicians are well educated on the latest technologies. All maintenance efforts follow diagnostic and repair instructions provided by Cummins.



  • Fully equipped vehicle fleet for assisting the customer on site
  • Modern equipment for providing support on site
  • Well trained qualified staff
  • Advanced diagnostic and repair tools
  • All operations follow the Cummins QuickServeBota service workflow 

Bota Technik provides comprehensive technical service for engines and power generators to help minimise downtime and improve productivity. By following the Cummins good practices the users may benefit from reduced maintenance costs.

With proper Cummins technical servicing your engine always provides maximum performance. Our staff uses tools and technologies that help provide proactive maintenance and repair services to keep your machinery in top shape.


Features and benefits:

  • Portfolio includes scheduled and unscheduled service options
  • Service agreements are customised to meet specific customer requirements
  • Comprehensive support – whenever you need it for maximum peace of mind
  • Performance you can count on
  • Service quality guaranteed by highest technical standards
  • Trusted Cummins products
  • Scheduled maintenance helps ensure warranty compliance
  • Well trained engineers provide expert knowledge
  • Maximum uptime and reduced

Regeneration service scheme includes various refurbishment options designed to meet specific customer needs and ensure proper Cummins engine life cycle. Cummins engine regeneration focuses on maximising uptime, ensuring refurbished Cummins engine reliability for a long time.


Engine overhauls

BOTA Technik offers various overhaul options tailored to customer needs. All overhaul and repair efforts are conducted by well trained and certified technicians using state-of-the-art tools and methods. Rebuilt engines undergo comprehensive testing.


Major overhauls

A certified overhaul process, from disassembly of the engine to its final testing, has its own 3-phase workflow:

  • engine disassembly and cleaning, component assessment and inspection;
  • assembly of the engine components;
  • torque testing, “coating” and painting, final testing.

This service means removing the engine currently installed in a vehicle, ship, or machine and replacing it with a new or factory refurbished (ReCon®) Cummins engine.

This is an ideal option for customers that wish to replace their current or legacy engines while maintaining existing assets. Experienced teams of engineers and aftermarket specialists can assist with comprehensive engine replacement. The process helps achieve maximum life cycle of the machinery while ensuring compliance with current and future regulations on emissions.



Repower service benefits include:

  • Widest selection of available engine technologies: including latest 30 to 3,500 HP engines compliant with the EU Stage V standards.
  • Comprehensive equipment assessment: engineers and aftermarket specialists with vast engine replacement experience can coordinate with you to assess the existing equipment and advise on the most affordable option.
  • Expert knowledge: Repower engine replacement is successful only when it is well executed. That means proper installation and operation. Our qualified application engineers and technicians will ensure highest engine performance and reliability.
  • Installation verification: years of experience have taught us, that any successful Repower project must include a final technical inspection. Our application engineers verify and test every Repower installation against Cummins requirements.
  • Quality guaranteed: BOTA Technik has Cummins authorisation to offer warranties for all Repower projects.


BOTA Technik can perform a Repower project on a vehicle, ship, or machine using a new or factory refurbished Cummins engine anywhere.

BOTA Technik provides comprehensive servicing of all ship engines and power generators. That includes maintenance (scheduled and unscheduled), general maintenance, 24/7 service and repairs (for customers with appropriate agreements), spare parts and consumables, SLA agreements, and sale of new engines and equipment.


With Cummins PowerCare you can be certain, that you always have the power you need. Our service experts can continuously monitor and maintain user equipment and ensure its performance following a comprehensive maintenance schedule. We always provide the level of support our customers demand.

There are four PowerCare plans to choose from:

  • PowerCare Standard
  • PowerCare Extra
  • PowerCare Premium
  • PowerCare Premium +



Piotr Badziąg


Mobile:   +48 539 730 187

Mail:    piotr.badziag@botatechnik.pl


Krzysztof Konkol 

Service Specialist

Mobile:  +48 538 978 555

E-mail: krzysztof.konkol@botatechnik.pl


Przemysław Pietras

Logistics Specialist

Mobile:  +48 539 537 633

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