Our company has become a representative of RotaChock in the Polish market. We proudly offer innovative RotaChock products, which are key solutions in the field of rotary machine mounting. Below we present detailed information about RotaChock and their products that are revolutionizing the industry.

About Rota Chock

RotaChock is a renowned brand specializing in the production of adjustable, self-leveling, and reusable mounting pads. RotaChock products are designed to eliminate issues related to Soft-Foot and provide long-term stability and performance for rotary machines.


RotaChock® BasicLine 

RotaChock® BasicLine is a fundamental mounting solution that can be adjusted to various heights and ensures perfect alignment between the machine foot and the foundation. With an adjustable thread and a spherical top, RotaChock® BasicLine effectively eliminates Soft-Foot issues.


Key Advantages:

  • Height adjustment
  • Spherical top for compensating angular misalignment up to 4°
  • High load capacity and mechanical stiffness
  • Quick and easy installation

RotaChock® SlimLine 

RotaChock® SlimLine is a low-profile version, ideal for applications where mounting space is limited. SlimLine offers the same benefits as BasicLine but in a more compact form.


Key Advantages:

  • Low minimum height
  • Ease of adjustment
  • Corrosion resistance

RotaChock® Mounting Plate 

RotaChock® Mounting Plate RotaChock® Mounting Plate is an economical solution for quick and easy installation of vibration-resistant components. With integrated RotaChock® pads, this system allows precise alignment and easy adjustment to mounting requirements.


Key Advantages:

  • Angle adjustment
  • Quick installation
  • Re-adjustable

Spherical Spacer 

Create mounting planes and extend bolts with Spherical Spacers. Spherical Spacers allow for the creation of mounting planes and bolt extension, which is essential in case of improper bolt stretch. They ensure perfect alignment and reduce the risk of bolt loosening.

RotaChock® HexLine

Easy and quick setup of even the smallest machines with RotaChock® HexLine. RotaChock® HexLine is the ideal solution for the precise alignment of small machines, such as pump sets. With an adjustable thread and spherical top, it provides accurate alignment and minimizes angular differences.

RotaChock® Tall-Line

Some projects require a slightly taller RotaChock® due to beam height or other constraints. RotaChock® Tall-Line is the solution for applications needing additional height, ideal for cases where standard RotaChock® are too low.

Taller Top Rings

Taller top ring sets can save time during installation when the designed gap height proves insufficient. Taller top rings offer additional height adjustment, which is particularly useful in cases where an extra 5 to 25 mm is needed.

Adjustment Tools

Quick and easy installation of RotaChock® products with our adjustment tools. RotaChock® adjustment tools enable fast and easy mounting and customization of products to meet individual application needs.