Outboard Engines
with OXE Marine Diesel Drive

Offer from an authorized representative of OXE Marine in Poland

We are an authorized representative of OXE Marine in Poland! We provide our customers with access to the highest quality products and services offered by the renowned company OXE Marine.

Our offer includes:

OXE Diesel outboard engines (150-300HP):

OXE Marine engines are equipped with advanced technological solutions that ensure their excellent performance and reliability. We offer various engine models, such as

  • OXE150,
  • OXE175,
  • OXE200,
  • OXE300,
  • JET-TECH (all available engine sizes).

Each of these models is characterized by high power, efficiency, and durability. Our engines are designed for various applications, from professional watercraft to recreational boats.

Additionally, we also offer accessories such as:

which allow for full utilization of the potential of our engines.

Technical support:

Our team of experienced specialists is always ready to assist with technical support, servicing, and advice on selecting the right solutions for your needs.

Consultations and advice:

We offer professional consultations and advice to help you choose the best outboard engine and tailor it to the specific requirements of your watercraft.

Quality guarantee:

As an authorized representative of OXE Marine, we provide our customers with a full quality guarantee on all our products and after-sales support.


Wojciech Pawłowski

Junior Project Manage


+48 888 723 288