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Revolutionizing Marine Power: Bota Technik's Eco-Friendly Propulsion Solutions

We offer innovative propulsion solutions for floating vessels that revolutionize the way we think about power supply. Our products, such as Bot Power LFP, Super B Nomada 12V105Ah, Super B Nomia 12V210Ah, and Super B Nomia 12V340Ah, are groundbreaking in terms of technology and eco-friendliness. Bot Power LFP is an integrated power system that changes the game. By using lithium batteries, Bot Power LFP offers significant advantages compared to traditional solutions based on acid batteries. The reduction in battery weight by about 2/3, dimensional size reduction, and even a 10-fold extension of battery life make our solution indispensable in projects where traditional batteries fell short. Additionally, by using our products, you can be sure you are taking care of the environment.

The elimination of diesel fuel eliminates the risk of leaks into the water, and lower CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions mean you can sail consciously without burdening our planet. Our batteries, Super B Nomada 12V105Ah, Super B Nomia 12V210Ah, and Super B Nomia 12V340Ah, are at the pinnacle of energy storage technology. Their modular design allows you to easily customize the system to your needs while saving space and weight. Thanks to intelligent software and state-of-the-art technology, our batteries are safe, efficient, and require no maintenance work. Choose Bota Technik and join  the future of sustainable power for floating vessels. Discover our innovative solutions that change the rules of the game and sail consciously, caring for both your needs and the planet.

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