Ship Automation Division staff has considerable experience in all aspects of marine propulsion. 

We provide comprehensive service and maintenance of ship’s systems, 


  • control systems for the main and auxiliary ship propulsion;
  • control systems for the ship’s machinery and equipment;
  • ship’s propulsion and machinery performance monitoring equipment;
  • electrical drives for the ship’s machinery and equipment;
  • start-up equipment, including inverters, autotransformers, and soft-starters; 
  • electrical wiring of the ship’s machinery and equipment;
  • ballast systems and ballast water purification solutions,
  • automation solutions for main and auxiliary engines,
  • automation solutions for power hydraulics.

Apart from maintenance services we also design new systems and control solutions. We can adapt existing systems and installations for improved performance. 

We fully design, manufacture, and test our products in our workshops.

Our customers can expect comprehensive solutions and expert service. 

New system design:


  • Propeller control system

Integrated steering and control system for the main or auxiliary propulsion system equipped with a variable-pitch or fixed propeller. 


  • Power management system

Integrated system for managing the ship’s power plant, featuring critical functions such as Load Control, Frequency Control, Parameters Monitoring, etc.


  • Engine alarm system

Integrated system for monitoring combustion engine performance. Features presentation and archiving of parameters from any number of sensors. Emergency stop functionality.


  • Fuel consumption management system

Integrated ship automation solution that monitors and archives data on the ship’s fuel consumption.


  • Integration system

Extensive system connecting distributed automation solutions into a central control-monitoring solution with reporting functionality.


  • Alarm system

Integrated system managing input from any number of sensors, featuring reporting and signalisation options in specified locations on the ship. 


  • Navigation lamp control system

System for managing ship’s navigation lighting. User friendly interface featuring an option to use a predefined navigation lighting configuration.


  • Liquid measurement system

Integrated control-monitoring system featuring presentation and archiving options for the parameters and volumes of liquids present in the ship’s installations.




Sebastian Wicki 

Manager Automation Department

Mobile: +48 532 350 233