Shafting overhauls

  • SK type couplings,
  • disassembly and assembly of shaft lines,
  • seals changing,
  • KEMEL seals bonding without propeller dismantling,
  • tail shaft bearing removal from stern tube,
  • remetalling of damaged bearings,
  • intermediate shaft bearings,
  • rubber couplings,
  • lubricating oil diagnostic,
  • shafting alignment calculation,
  • technical advise and suport.



  • disassembly and assembly of propellers,
  • CPP hubs maintenance,
  • hubs elements regeneration,
  • seals changing and hub repairs by welding,
  • overhaul of OD-box,
  • static balancing.


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Seals renewal

  • propeller shaft seals,
  • pinion seals,
  • blade and hub seals.


Gear wheel wear and clearance

  • axial and radial clearance checking,
  • estimate of teeth contact,
  • estimate of teeth condition.


Major overhaul

  • Bearing and seals changing,performance of necessary measurements,
  • Axial and radial shaft clearance set up.


Propeller blade repair (welding, balancing)


Lubricating oil diagnostic

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Gear Boxes

  • complete overhauls,
  • shaft dismantling,
  • bearings replacement,
  • checking of holes alignment,
  • vibration diagnostics by means of trend analysis,
  • diagnostic of lubricating and hydraulic oils,
  • technical advice and support.



  • teeth contact estiamtion,
  • estimation of teeth condition.


Slide bearings

  • Measurements of clearances,
  • Remetalling of damaged bearings.



  • Verification of cluches,
  • Waer estimation of moving parts,
  • Hydraulic valves adjustement.